What Are the Best Types of Dentistry to Study

I have just been thinking about this lately. I am pretty well in the pre med stuff and it is going to be time for me to think about dental school before long. I have been thinking about what is the best type of dentistry to get involved in. Obviously there are specialists. For example you would go to Orthodontists to get your teeth straightened. If you have problems with your gums then you might see Endodontic Associates. That is going to be some dentist that you would see if you had gum disease. Regenerative endodontics is a branch of endodontics which employs biologically based procedures designed to replace damaged tooth structures such as dentin. That is something that seems like it might have a lot of future application. You definitely could be able to do a lot more things in the future than you are able to do now.

That is one of the things that I am thinking about. You do not want to be the last guy off the boat when the tide comes in. Things could obviously change very rapidly. You are still going to need dentists in ten or twenty years, but the way that they operate now may well not be the way that they do it in a few years. I would want to be some place in the sweet spot. You do not want to get out on the bleeding edge of technology, because it is really hard to cut new trails. You do want to take advantage of the stuff that is there for you to use. If you get the latest technology it is probably going to be much more expensive in the short term for a dentist. Obviously when I start out I shall have to be careful with how I invest.

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