Started on a Renovation Project

It is not going to be easy, but I am pretty sure that I am going to be able to turn a profit on the project. I figure that at a minimum it is going to take around two months and a couple of weeks. There are all sorts of things big and small which need to be done, but I can handle nearly all of it myself. I have engaged some Passaic county electricians to do some serious rewiring work in the kitchen. I really do not think that the wiring in the house is going to pass inspection if I do not have some work done to it really quick. It is not like I want to be dealing with the county three or four times, so if I call them to come look at it they are going to like what it looks like when they get here to inspect it. Of course I would not tell them perhaps if I could get away with it.

The entire place was really rather run down when I got here and I started out by just demolishing the kitchen and the bathrooms. Of course I got one of the bathrooms working before I tore out the other one. I am not going to be without one while I am working here. That would be silly. The next step after that is going to be to fix up the dry wall and do the flooring. That is going to be really beautiful when I get done with. I have no idea why the other owners covered up the wood floors with carpets. That was really a mess when I ripped it out and I was delighted when I found out how nice the floors were that they had hidden beneath the carpets.

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