Home Insurance and Intense Flooding

I’ve never been impressed with home insurance prices, but that all changed when I went to http://homeinsurance-deals.com. I was in the market for new home insurance because I had grown tired of my old insurance policy. The policy didn’t cover everything I wanted, which meant I had to get other specific policies to fill in the gap. Not only that, but the price I was paying for the policy was too expensive. It didn’t make sense to pay an arm and a leg for only partial coverage, so I moved away from the policy all together.

After getting the new insurance plan, some other people I knew asked me about changing their insurance plans. Just like me, they didn’t like the prices they were paying and the limited amount of coverage they were receiving. I showed them the website and they changed their plans as well. It was a good thing that we changed our plans we did, because in a few weeks, something terrible happened that affected all of our homes.

There was a huge rainstorm that came through the area. This storm caused a flood and mudslide to happen, and the first level of my home had lots of water in it. Luckily it didn’t go any higher than it did, but the first level still had a lot of water damage. The hard wood floors were ruined and mold started to grow. The insurance plan covered all of the damage to the home, and the floors were repaired and my home was cleaned. Some people who didn’t have the same insurance plan weren’t so luckily, and they had to pay for most of their repairs out of pocket. I feel bad for them, because I could have been in the same situation if I hadn’t changed my plan.

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