Deregulation Has Helped Us to Save Money in My State

As someone who has spent most of their life in Texas, I’ll say I love my state. I originally grew up in the west where it’s hot, dusty and the people are somewhat friendly. Where I am now, it’s hot, green and the people are friendly. But I have always wished we had more choice when it comes to where we buy our electricity from. I spent some time reading through lately, and I was reminded that I once had little choice in the matter.

If you lived in the Austin/Round Rock area over ten years ago, you had no choice but to purchase your electricity service through the city itself. While people in other states found themselves getting to choose from a variety of companies to go with for utility service, people in my area felt powerless. If we were unhappy with pricing, there was nothing that we could do about it.

Over time, people began demanding that something be done about it. It was then that the local government passed a law that allowed deregulation. Soon after that, a variety of companies moved in to purchase electricity through he city’s generators and sell it to customers at great rates. Thankfully, this also helped with bringing about even better competitive pricing.

Now, if I’m unhappy with the service or pricing with one particular company, I can move on to another company that makes me happy, rather than the other way around. It is true that the city government is still responsible for delivering the electricity to our homes, and they are also responsible for maintaining our power lines, but we are not beholden to them for our monthly bill anymore. I would say that most people I know are really happy about the fact that we can now buy through reseller companies.

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