Bought a Fix It Up Project

If you looked at this place you would think that the city might come along and slap a condemned sign on it. However I took a really close look at the place and figured out exactly what needs to be done to it. A lot of it is superficial. A fresh coat of paint would do wonders for the place, but there are a couple of real problems that I can not solve myself. I need to hire some guy to do air conditioner repair in NYC. Obviously you can use fans and go a little while without any AC, but that certainly is not going to be pleasant and it is not something that you will like when it is a hundred degrees in New York City. You can take a normal spring day, but once it hits really hot and sticky weather, you are not going to like it very much. Soon enough you shall want to have an air conditioner.

I looked at Wal Mart to see what sort of window units they had. Of course they have different sizes and the smallest ones are not going to be effective if you try to cool down a whole house with them, or at least not a very big house. This house is rather tiny in fact. There is a great room which comprises both the kitchen, the dining area and the living room, then there is one real bedroom. Up on the second floor there is something that you could make pass for a second bedroom, however it is constrained by the line of the roof, so you can only stand up straight in the middle of the room. I am thinking that it does not really need to be kept cool since I am going to use it for storage really.

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