I Needed to Eat More Fiber

My sister and I were having a discussion on losing weight not long ago. She told me she had read how fiber is such an important aspect of losing weight, but I didn’t think that was what was keeping me from dropping some pounds. She went home that night and sent me an email that simply said to click here along with a link to the article that she had read about fiber. I read the entire thing, and it was hard to dispute because it was backed up with facts and proof.

I decided to do some of the things that the article had suggested, which was to eat more foods that have fiber in them and to eat less of the foods where the majority of the fiber has been stripped out. I had no idea that the apples I was eating contained very little fiber since I do cut away the peel. I also didn’t know that white rice was not filled with the kind of fiber that brown rice is. I had never tried brown rice before because it just seemed bland to me. Funny how I could have gotten that opinion of it without even trying it first.

I changed that day, since it was the day I was going grocery shopping. I got whole wheat bread instead of white, and I got brown rice instead of white. I also got nuts instead of chips, and I purchased some fruit that is high in fiber. I started eating these things that same day, and I could tell a difference in just a couple of weeks time. I was definitely eating more fiber, and I was definitely losing weight too. The best part is because of so much fiber, I was not feeling as hungry as I usually do too!

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