Working a Temp Job Right Now

I am thinking that I hope I find something different pretty soon, because I am not sure I am in good enough shape to do this job once it starts to get warm. In fact I am guessing that this is fairly easy stuff that I am doing right now. It could be a lot worse than what it has been. I have been working as a helper for a guy who does commercial roof repair in Bergen county NJ. The sense I get is that the jobs we have been doing have been the light stuff. It is just me and this old guy. He knows what he is doing, but he is not breaking his neck for this job and he is not asking me to break my neck either. It could be a whole lot worse than it has been. We are just doing simple patch jobs. Some guy gets a leak. It is because there is a bad place that you can find and fix, assuming you have the old guy who can tell what he is looking at.

I look at this roof and it is all the same to me. This guy can look around and point to a spot and he will say that there is an air pocket down there. He talks about big jobs and you know that those can be grueling. A roof is pretty heavy if you ever thought about it. All of that stuff starts out on the back of the truck and some way or another you have to get it up on to the roof, which might be a hundred feet up in the air. If you are lucky there is an elevator you can carry freight on, but you might be carrying buckets up a big ladder.

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