Best Sites for Finding Electricity Prices

I finally made the decision that it was for the best, for me to move my family to Texas. It was a hard decision, but my father is sick, and I want to live nearby to him, during the period of his illness. After all, I am not sure that I will ever get to see him again, because it is not clear that he is going to make a recovery from this disease. I went to visit site where there is information on electricity providers, and I have been trying to soak up all of the information that is available. There are all of the energy rates for different companies listed on the site, and that is definitely helpful.

But I am trying to figure out if there are other factors that I need to consider, other than just the price of the electricity. Maybe there will be ways to save money, that are offered by some companies. I do not know, and that is why I need to learn more. I also want to know where these companies are producing their electricity at. It seems to me, that over the long run, the company that is producing electricity closest to my house, is going to be able to give me the best price for that electricity.

That just makes sense from a logical basis. The further electricity has to be transmitted, then the more of that electricity that is going to be lost to the inherent resistance of the transmission lines. It is just a fact of nature. So I will try to figure that out, but it might be a bit more tricky than just finding out information about the prices that are offered for various companies. I plan to come to a decision within the next day or maybe two.

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