Just Got Started on the New Place

Just got started on the new place this morning, but it is going to be a good while before I get it ready to move into. The place was probably a really nice home before the last person lived it, but that last owner of the house was apparently not a well rounded and normal person. It was a rather old man who had some sort of compulsion to hoard things and of course there is only so much room in a house. I have the power to choose which electricity supplier I am going to go with and I was doing that this morning, it was a bit odd since I never lived any place where you could call up two different power companies and ask them if they wanted to give you a better deal. In parts of North Carolina you can use Carolina Power and Light, but it is not them or some other power company. Same deal with Duke Energy, if you want power and you live in North Carolina it is a pretty good bet that you will be writing them a check at the end of the month.

We pretty much have to have fans and electric power to run them. The air conditioning is probably contaminated and the ducts will have to be cleaned out before we are going to want to use it. It is way too hot in there to be without some sort of cooling system and one which is pretty effective. You also need to clear out the smells in this place some way. This gave me a lot to think about when I was trying to decide whether or not to buy this place. On the one hand something like this really make a house a whole lot more affordable.

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